B.O.B Preparation International Language School.

Have you ever thought of becoming a polyglot for your own private reason? We at B.O.B Preparation will take it as YES, and invite you for this quick journey. Please come in.


Develop Language Skills to Your Own Pace!

When was the last time you had a worse experience on your level of engagement within your business circle of friends?

Experts by international research predict that by late 2024, only new comers to a new language as a polyglot will make it to achieve extra life success in any field of life.
We will prepare you at B.O.B (Best Option for Boarding) International Language School.


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B.O.B Preparation, was projected for everyone. Especially for those students on the way, whose passions are expanded.


B.O.B Preparation, a été projeté pour tout le monde. Surtout pour les étudiants en route, dont les passions sont élargies.


B.O.B Preparation, se proyectó para todos. Especialmente para aquellos estudiantes en camino, cuyas pasiones se expanden.


B.O.B Preparation, foi projetado para todos. Especialmente para os alunos que estão em correria, cujas paixões são expandidas.

I wouldn't discard my opportunity to spread the knowledge acquired on how to vibrate my skills of accent both in French and Spanish. This injection is quick take and won't hurt. We will take you by hand and show you phonetics appreciations, free speech and conversation boost.

Benjamin Sanchez

French and Spanish (B.O.B PREPARATION)


We will work on our best, not to leave you alone. Spread your voice to our upcoming podcast ARENA. Some students with energy, will be many times invited to join our podcast via language of choice.

“The school process of things is quite new, yet promising.” I’m delighted to be one the first subscriber of B.O.B (Best Option for Boarding) International Language School.

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Joseth Landross

French Language Student

“Teaching  with love saves life. If you’re part of this journey, we will definitely won’t escape to meet each other at any time frame “. 

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Lucas Mentol


Become a Multilingual Speaker

Remember? We did not say it only happens at B.O.B
But it only happens to have more strategic best options for your choices.